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iP5970: VGA H264 SPI Video Controller


iP5970 connects to MT7687/MT7697 / 7697D by SPI to transmit video and audio by WiFi 2.4G/5GHz to mobile devices and internet routers. It is easy for engineers to implement camera function by MT7687/MT7697/MT7697D based on 32bit Cortex MCU environment like 8bit MCU. The solution is suitable for portable or battery products in IoT.


- SPI video interface is easy for MCU or WiFi SOC
- Support I2S to provide audio in/out (2 ways)
- Provide CBC & VBC bit rate control modes in H264 compression engine
- Support VGA (640 X 480 ) video resolution
- Provide 30fps@ (640x480)
- Provide motion detection function
- Provide easy programmable OSD function
- QFN 88 pin (10mm x 10mm)


- Battery WiFi camera
- Battery WiFi doorbell
- Battery WiFi camera for babysitting video
- Battery WiFi camera for pet-feeding machine
- 4G/LTE camera
- Camera/ Image capture module of deep-lens or AI device


- Datasheet
- Application guide: iP597x_Application_Notes_v1.1.pdf

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