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iP8337: Serial SPI/UART MJPEG 2M Pixels Snap Camera Module


This module provides a way of capturing pictures and delivering them through SPI/ UART serial interfaces to an MCU, SoC. The captured images can then be transmitted through WiFi, for example, to an AI server for feature extraction and recognition. The images can be sent to a DTU (data transfer unit ) as well.

As monitoring equipment for further processing in the IoT system, the module provides consecutive snapshot functions to work with, for example, a PIR (passive infra-red ) system. In one trigger, it can capture a series of an intruder's consecutive motions. In addition, the home security device can send these pictures, together with an alarm signal to the cell phone of a home-owner for timely reactions.

The module supports the HDR (high dynamic range) function, which facilitates the identifications of the car plate number, both during the daytime and at night. It can also show vivid details in both bright portions and shadows of the same picture. The cropping function selects a smaller ROI (region of interest) in the image, making it possible to provide a higher resolution and reduce data sizes. An ROI is a smaller image area of particular interest and is especially useful for AIoT applications.

The module also presents some remarkable IoT features, such as low power consumption and short wake-up time. It could work nicely as a coprocessor with an IoT platform, like the platforms of WiFi IoT, Bluetooth 5.0 (BT5.0), and LTE 4G. SPI is a good bridge for all of them. As such, an MCU-based platform can easily be expanded by this camera module and augmented with desirable video functions.


- Image output resolution: 2M Pixels (1080P)
- Image output interface: SPI/UART
- SPI data rate: Up to 15 MHz
- SPI data transmission mode: Bit mode and Block mode up to 4096 bit
- Slave mode
- UART: Up to 3MHz
- Control interface: Same as video output interface: UART (RS232) or SPI
- Consecutive snapshots: 10 consecutive photos in 440 ms
- Compression engine for captured pictures: MJPEG
- Support snapshot function
- Cropping function to extract ROI in the picture
- Quick power-on time for image ready
- Internal RTC for time stamps
- Built-in OSD to show time message
- ISP function
- 3D noise reduction function and HDR function
- Image scaling down function
- Power consumption: 200mA@5Vdc


- Image capturing device for AI applications or image recognition
- Solar/ Wind-power surveillance camera
- Home security: PIR built-in camera, Bulb built-in camera
- Industry: Defect inspection device, DTU snap camera
- Notifying device for home security, fire safety
- Wireless camera: WiFi, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth BT5.x, LTE 4G camera
- Wired camera: Power line communication (PLC), Ethernet (IP)


- Datasheet
- Application guide: BR3580_iP8337_Application_Notes_v1.1_E.pdf

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