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iP8225: SPI H265/H264/MJPEG 2M Pixels Camera Module


This module is suitable for any MCU-based product to be equipped with video functions. Its SPI video output provides high data rates, up to 15Mbps. SPI is a ubiquitous interface protocol in MCU applications.
The module integrates multiple video compression engines, including H265/ H264/MJPEG encoders, which massively reduce the size of video data needed for transmitting on the internet. It both speeds up the transmission time and also cuts down the demand of memory requirement.
The 3D noise reduction and HDR (High Dynamic Range) functions can facilitate the identification of car plate numbers, both during the daytime and at night. It can also show vivid details in both bright portions and shadows of the same picture.
The cropping function selects a smaller ROI (Region of Interest ) in the picture, making it possible to provide a higher resolution and reduce data sizes. An ROI is a smaller image area of particular interest and is especially useful for AloT applications.
This module also presents some good IoT features, such as low power consumption and short wake-up time.
It can work nicely as a coprocessor with an IoT platform, such as WiFi IoT, Bluetooth 5.0 (BT5.0), and LTE 4G. SPI is a good bridge for all of them. As such, an MCU-based platform can easily be expanded by this camera module and augmented with desirable video functions.


- Video output resolution: 2M Pixels (1080P)
- Video output interface: SPI
-- SPI data rate: Up to 15Mbps
-- SPI data transmission mode: Bit mode and Block mode up to 4096 bytes
-- Slave mode
-- 1080P@ 25fps with H265/ H264/MJPEG
- Control interface: I2C
- H265/ H264 encoders
-- Main profile
-- Performance: 1920 x 1080 @ 25fps
-- Support CBC & VBC bit-rate control
- Snapshot function
- Cropping function to extract RoI in the picture
- Quick power-on time for video ready
- Internal RTC for time stamps
- Built-in OSD to show time message
- SP function
- 3D noise reduction function and HDR function
- Image scaling down function
- Power consumption: 280mA@5Vdc


- Image capturing device for AI applications or image recognition
- Battery operated security camera for smart homes, such as WiFi video doorbell, WiFi video pet feeder
- Black & white image capturing device for goods
- Wireless camera: WiFi, Bluetooth 5.x ( BT5.x), LTE 4G
- Wired camera: power line communication (PLC), Ethernet (IP)


- Datasheet
- Application guide : BR3579_Application_Notes_v1.2_EN.pdf

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