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BR3580: 1080P 2M Pixel MJPEG SPI/UART Snap Camera Controller


BR3580 provides a way of capturing pictures by a serial interface SPI/UART delivers photos to MCU, SOC. It provides a continuous shooting function to get track of moving objects.
2M pixel resolution could get more image data for AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis. One more function good for AIoT is the image cropping function.
The cropping function provides a higher resolution and lowers the data size of ROI(Region Of Interest). ROI is a partial area of an image and is suitable for AIoT.
BR3580 provides a higher data rate interface SPI up to 15Mbps and a lower data rate UART up to 3 Mbps. ISP engine processes images to achieve good quality.
It is suitable for MCU-based application due to SPI and UART universality. MCU products then can implement images and add up to their functions.
Wireless applications, such as WiFi, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, are MCU-based applications. Besides, wireless is a general way for AI or AIoT to grab image data for analysis.
Visual notification can always be taken by snap camera adopting BR3580 in alert devices, such as PIR, smoke detectors, etc.


- Video input interface: MIPI & 12bit parallel DVP
- Video output serial Interface: UART (RS232) & SPI
- SPI data rate: 15Mbps in Max
- Control interface: UART (RS232) or SPI
- SPI data transmission mode: Bit mode (Asserted mode) and Block mode (Deasserted mode) up to 4096 bit
- UART data rate: 3 Mbps in max.
- Provide Time OSD function
- Provide internal RTC function
- Provide image cropping function to extract ROI
- Continuous snap shot: 10 photos in 440 ms
- Quick power-on time for video ready: less than 2 seconds
- Compression engine for captured picture: MJPEG
- Few components: image sensor PS5260 (1/2.7"), serial video controller BR3580, 64 Mb SPI flash memory achieve small size
- QFN 80 pin (9mm x 9mm)


- Video capturing device in AI (artificial intelligence) applications.
- Solar/ wind-power facility,surveillance camera for home safety, PIR built-incamera, Bulb built-in camera
- Industry: defect inspection, DTU snap camera
- Notifying device for home security, fire safety
- Wireless camera including WiFi, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth BT5.x , especially LTE4G
- Wire camera including power line (PLC), Ethernet (IP)


- Datasheet
- Application guide: BR3580_iP8337_Application_Notes_v1.1_E.pdf

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