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BR3579: 1080P 2M Pixel H265(HEVC)/H264(AVC)/MJPEG SPI Video Controller


BR3579 provides a video streaming by serial interface SPI to transmit it to MCU, SOC, WiFi-SoC for AloT applications.
BR3579 has a built-in multiple video compression engine H265/H264/MJPEG to reduce the video size to transmit faster and save storage space.
Image cropping function is crucial for AIoT. By cropping ROI (region of interest, a partial area of an image) of photos, BR3579 offers lower data size and higher image resolution. BR3579 has equipped with remarkable IoT features. It is low power consumption and has a short wake-up time.
BR3579 provides a higher data rate interface SPI up to 15Mbps. It is suitable for MCU-based applications due to SPI universality. MCU products can then effortlessly implement images and add to their functions.
Wireless is a general way for AI or AIoT to grab image data for analysis. For wireless MCU-based applications, transmitting solutions such as WiFi, Sub-GHz, Blue Tooth, and LTE 4G are also available.


- Video input interface: MIPI & 12bit parallel DVP
- Input video format (Image CMOS sensor output): RGB raw data
- Output video data format: YUV
- SPI data rate: 15 Mbps in max.
- SPI data transmission mode: Bit mode (Asserted mode) and Block mode (Deasserted mode) up to 4096 bit
- Versatile video compression engine: H265, H264, MJPEG
- Control interface:I2C
- Provide image cropping function to extract ROI
- Provide time OSD function
- Provide internal RTC function
- Quick power-on time for video ready: less than 2 seconds
- Video latency < 200ms
- Few components: image sensor PS5260, serial video controller BR3579, 64 Mb SPI flash memory achieve small size
- QFN 80 pin (9mm x 9mm)


- Video device in AI (Artificial Intelligence) or AIoT
- Serial surveillance camera for solar/ wind-power facility
- Home safety: PIR built-in camera, Bulb built-in camera, Alert notification camera
- IoT video device: Video doorbell, Pet-care camera, Video baby camera
- Wireless camera including WiFi, Sub-GHz, Bluetooth BT5.x, especially LTE 4G
- Wire camera including power line(PLC), Ethernet (IP)


- Datasheet
- Application guide : BR3579_Application_Notes_v1.2_EN.pdf

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